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国 際 極 真 道 連 盟   ハーゲン・ベブディー 館長

Made in Germany 国際極真道連盟_ハーゲン_ベブディー_館長_International_Kyokushindo_Organization_Founder_and_President_Kancho_Hagen_Behboudi 国際極真道連盟_ハーゲン_ベブディー_館長_International_Kyokushindo_Organization_Founder_and_President_Kancho_Hagen_Behboudi 国際極真道連盟_ハーゲン_ベブディー_館長_International_Kyokushindo_Organization_Founder_and_President_Kancho_Hagen_Behboudi Report Result Info Championship Galerie Links Contact Impressum Seminar 国際極真道連盟_ハーゲン_ベブディー_館長_International_Kyokushindo_Organization_Founder_and_President_Kancho_Hagen_Behboudi 国際極真道連盟_ハーゲン_ベブディー_館長_International_Kyokushindo_Organization_Founder_and_President_Kancho_Hagen_Behboudi 国際極真道連盟_ハーゲン_ベブディー_館長_International_Kyokushindo_Organization_Founder_and_President_Kancho_Hagen_Behboudi 国際極真道連盟_ハーゲン_ベブディー_館長_International_Kyokushindo_Organization_Founder_and_President_Kancho_Hagen_Behboudi 国 際 極 真 道 連 盟  ハーゲン ベブディー 館 長 Kancho_Hagen Shihan_Hamid


Founder & President


World Modern Full Contact Fight Sport  

Best For Armed Forces, Police & Security...

The only constant is change. Following this philosophy of how things in the world develop and proceed, the traditional and honorable Karate has to adjust itself to the modern world as well.However, this does not mean that Karate might lose its philosophy or its respect towards ancestors and admirable founders. Even those famous founders of the past who dedicated their life to Karate realized a need for change when they once created their own styles. Nowadays, the requirements for a Karateka of the 21st century have changed in comparison to those of former Karatekas. The modern Karateka has to be multi-skilled. He needs to have a well rounded knowledge about any style of Martial Arts in order to be less vulnerable and less Vincible. Following this point of view, Kancho Hagen Behboudi founded his own Organization named

INTERNATIONAL KYOKUSHINDO ORGANISATION on May 20th 2007. Kyokushindo is a brand new full contact style which is characterized by a mix of Karate Kyokushinkai, Judo, Ju-Jitsu, Aikodo, Boxing, Wrestling, ground combat and Kendo.  

Kancho Hagen Behboudi has Since 1980 of experience in Martial Arts. Among others, he was Branch Chief for Kyokushinkai in Germany of two Japan based Kyokushinkai organization and has the 6th Dan in Kyokushinkai, 7th & 8th Dan Kyokushindo Also, Kancho Hagen Behboudi had a profound schooling in close combat while he was in a special force of the Army. In addition, he has experience as a security manager Since 1996. On the basis of his tremendous experiences and knowledge Kancho Hagen Behboudi always felt that a universal Karate style does still not exist yet. Although he knows that every Martial Art has it special unique techniques and special philosophical intentions, a Karate style combining advantages of all this styles is still missing. For example, Kyokushinkai known as the strongest karate has some techniques missing, such as grap-techniques , stick fighting and ground combat although it is famous to be the strongest

karate.Kyokushi ndo consists of a special system. The fighters are trained without any protection but there is an emphazis of preventing injuries on tournaments. That is why the fighters have to fight with special head gear, gloves with open fingers, groin and shin protection. This fighting system is especially suitable for army, police and security since these people are often forced to use self- defense. Kyokushindo means the “Way of the Ultimate Truth”.  

Kyokushindo follows the ideal of a univerisal Samurai. The fighters become extremely tough and hard during training sessions. On the other hand, the risk of injuries is reduced by providing suitable complex protection gears. This is based on the idea that fighters can fight hard and realistic without causing serious injuries. Furthermore, the protection equipment shall enhance the contact with the reality. Fighters might be willing to take higher risks during the fight on account of the required protection equipment. By fighting with such protection equipment the chance of Kyoushindo becoming an Olympic sport is also enhanced.

Kyokushindo also tries to establish new standards within its organizational framework. Considering economic differences in countries, the goal of the International Kyokushindo Organization is to provide countries of developing and emerging countries with financial support. As soon as the IKO has built up a financial basis for this support, an international and independent committee will be established to deal with this issue. Furthermore, the INTERNATIONAL KYOKUSHINDO ORGANISATION (World Kyokushindo Honbu) has the intentionto reward fighters for their effort on tournaments because Kancho Hagen Behboudi is aware of the time, power and money fighters invest while preparing for tournaments. Hopefully, the above mentioned explanations demonstrated that Kyokushindo is a revolutionary Karate. In contrast to other “new” styles which only changed a name and symbol without providing a considerable change, Kyokushindo is really new. It has a philosophy linking to those of the traditional Karate but also giving new aspects. Kyokushindo is a modern, new and flexible Karate style able to adjust itself to any combat

situation and free of any prejudice against any nationality, ethnicity or religion.


Kancho Hagen Behboudi

Founder & President of

International Kyokushindo Organization



Vice President


Technical Director

Kancho Hagen Behboudi

Hanshi Erika Schneider

Hanshi Hamid Nouri

Hanshi Erika Schneider

From 1977 - 1979 Hanshi Erika Schneider met in Dusseldorf, the martial arts of Goju Ryu Karate know.

The Goju Ryu (hard and soft style) karate you then very impressed, the sadder they did that for personal reasons she could no longer take part in Karate lessons.

1982 - 1989 Shihan Erika Schneider took dance lessons, both classical dance and dance trends as eg. Discofox and salsa was learned.

My father was of the opinion that the girl was dancing for better pastime.

After her parents' time Shihan Erika Schneider learned in 1996 its current champion and coach Kancho Hagen Behboudi know.

With Kancho Behboudi they learned from 1996 - 2007 Mas Oyama's Kyokushin Karate. In 2002, she was the world's first female Branch Chief for a karate Kyokushinkaikan organization from Japan.

2005, we established the nonprofit organization "International Karate Organization Germany eV".

In this club she teaches, among other things, the children and adolescents.

Kancho Behboudi, the Branch Chief to date was also a Japanese karate organization, called on 20 May 2007 his own karate style to life.

Fascinated by his knowledge of the various martial arts styles, documented by numerous diplomas of various martial arts organizations Shihan Erika Schneider decided to go his way with and teach what they have learned for him.

With pride she wrote for Kancho Behboudi and its International Organization Kyokushindo the Dojo oath.

Kancho Behboudi attaches great importance to the respect of the dojo oath. Since founding his own Oranisation Behboudi Kancho teaches them the versatile Kyokushindo!

Kyokushindo is a mixture of styles in the Kyokushin Karate, Judo, Jujitsu, Aikido, boxing, wrestling and ground fighting are united!


Shihan Erika Schneider

Vice President of International Organization Kyokushindo

Chairman & Kyokushindo German organization

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