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Kyokushindo Seminar in Iraq









Honbu Dojo 21.12.2017

Mr. Ilham Jabiyev,

director of photography and filming of Kyokushindo in the Republic of Azerbaijan


The Kyokushindo World Organization thanks and appreciates our photographer and film official in the Republic of Azerbaijan,

Mr. Ilham Jabiyev, for the support and progress of our style.

Honbu Dojo 10.11.2017

European leader in Kyokushindo



Αρχηγός Ευρώπης ο Απ. Πλιάτσικας

• Στη Λάρισα ο πρόεδρος της διεθνούς οργάνωσης Γερμανός Hagen Behdoudi

 Δημοσίευση: 07 Νοε 2017 21:23  Αθλητισμός

 Αρχηγός Ευρώπης ο Απ. Πλιάτσικας

Μία ακόμα σημαντική διάκριση κατέγραψε στο ενεργητικό του ο Λαρισαίος των πολεμικών τεχνών Αποστόλης Πλιάτσικας (5 Dan Shihan), καθώς ανακηρύχθηκε αρχηγός Ευρώπης στο Kyokushindo.

Την ανακήρυξη του Αποστόλη Πλιάτσικα έκανε ο Γερμανός πρόεδρος της διεθνούς οργάνωσης Kyokushindo, κ. Kancho Hagen Behdoudi, ο οποίος βρέθηκε στη Λάρισα και συγκεκριμένα στα γραφεία του συλλόγου Kyokushindo Λάρισας. Παράλληλα με την ανακήρυξη του Αποστόλη Πλιάτσικα, πήραν βαθμό 3 Dan Sensei οι εκπαιδευτές του συλλόγου Γιώργος Πλιάτσικας και Κώστας Πουτσιάκας.  Τέλος, από την πλευρά του ο κ. Kancho Hagen Behdoudi ανακοίνωσε ότι το Παγκόσμιο πρωτάθλημα Kyokushindo του 2020 έχει προγραμματιστεί να διεξαχθεί στη Λάρισα.


Chief of Europe, Shihan Apostolis Pliatsikas

• In Larissa the President of the International Kyokushindo Organization Germanos Hagen Behdoudi

 Post: 07 Nov 2017 21:23 Sports

 Chief of Europe, Apostolis Pliatsikas

Another important distinction was made by Larissa of martial arts Apostolis Pliatsikas (5 Dan Shihan) as he was declared European leader in Kyokushindo.

The appointment of Apostolis Pliatsikas was made by the German president of the Kyokushindo international organization, Kancho Hagen Behdoudi, who was in Larissa and specifically at the offices of the Kyokushindo club in Larissa. Along with the proclamation of Apostolis Pliatsikas, the Dan Sensei Grade 3 took the trainers of the club Giorgos Pliatsikas and Kostas Poutsiakas. Finally, for his part, Kancho Hagen Behdoudi announced that the Kyokushindo World Championship of 2020 is scheduled to take place in Larissa.


Kyokushindo Seminar in Greece



Kancho Hagen Behboudi

Welcome to Greece

Kyokushindo Seminar

03 - 07.11.2017

Honbu Dojo 01.11.2017

Azerbaijan New Branch Chief 28.10.2017


Dear Madam or Sir,

International Kyokushindo Committee has decided:

The International Committee appoints Sensei Fariz Mirzayev the new Branch Chief of Kyokushindo branch in Azerbaijan. Congratulations and good luck!

Hanshi Erika. Schneider

Honbu Dojo 28.10.2017

India New Dojo Operator 08.10.2017


Dear Madam or Sir,

International Kyokushindo Committee has decided:

The International Committee appoints Sensei ANIRUDDHA DATTA the new Dojo Operator of Kyokushindo from India for first a year, the Dojo license. We congratulate the new Dojo leaders from India.

Hanshi Erika. Schneider

Honbu Dojo 08.10.2017

The new Kyokushindo membership card

26.07. 2017


The new Kyokushindo membership card is now available and can be ordered.

Each member of the international Kyokushindo organization must have one.

The new membership card replaces the previous Sportpass !!!

Please send me the completed form.

In addition to that, a biometric picture is required (background of this picture has to be white).

Youre Sincerely

Kancho Hagen Behboudi

Founder & President of

International Kyokushindo Organization

館長 ハーゲン・ベブディー


International Championship SRI LANKA

September 2019

Saudi Arabian New Dojo Operator 04.07.2017


Dear Madam or Sir,

International Kyokushindo Committee has decided:

The International Committee appoints Shihan Mohammed Khaled Murad the new Dojo Operator of Kyokushindo from Saudi Arabian for first a year, the Dojo license. We congratulate the new Dojo leaders from Saudi Arabian.

Hanshi Erika. Schneider

Honbu Dojo 04.07.2017


Dear Sir or Madam,

First of all, we are very sad that of eleven countries, only eight could participate! Afghanistan, Pakistan and Sri Lanka have not received VISA! A fighter from Germany with a political passport has also not received a visa! Unfortunately, what was promised us in Turkey, 90% was not respected! Nevertheless the teams and fighters were unique! Many thanks to the international committee, Kancho Hagen Behboudi, Hanshi Erika Schneider, Hanshi Hamid Nouri!

We also received a lot of thanks to Shihan Gamal Elashiri, Shihan Teymur Gökkaya, Shihan Apostolis Pliatsikas, Sensei Ahmad F.M.KH.S. Khadada, Musalla club boss Eyat Kadır and Zeyat Kadır, who supported us throughout the championship. Many thanks to the camp director, Sensei Omid Eshagi, with the support of Sensei Farzad Behboudi Sensei Elyad, Sensei Saduun Altayi, Sensei Hasaneen Eesa Abd, Senpai Abdullah Sadik, Senpai Muhammet Ahmet, and ... for the fair evaluation in this interesting championship! Kyokushindo represents fights with character and fairness, excellent by their coaches. Thanks to Mahmut Oral and Ahmat Tüzcü! There were many critics of this event, but Mr. Oral has continued to hold on to us, and has supported us! In addition, we thank "Hasan Dogan Spor Kompleks" salon chef Selim Basbug and his staff for the organization of the championship in such a short time!

Great respect for all champions of the championship

Last but not least, we thank our Branch Chief Kyokushindo Turkey Hussam Altun Kaya for the energy and heart blood he has put into the World Championship!

29.05.2017 Honbu

Hanshi Erika Schneider

WM Kyokushindo 2017


19 - 22.05.2017 Istanbul, TURKEY

1 Place  IRAQ


3 Place CHILE

3 Place EGYPT

Your Sincerely

Honbu Dojo 29.05.2017

New Dojo Oprator 29.05.2017


Dear Madam or Sir,

According to the proposal of Shihan Ghamal Elashiri and the agreement of our Branch Chief in Kuwait, Sensei Ali Fahad Ghuloum, we give Ahmad F.M.KH.S. Khadada

 the Dojo license Kuwait for a year.

Sensei Mohammad Ismael Mohammad Qassad from Ukraine also gets for first a year, the Dojo license. We congratulate the new Dojo leaders from Kuwait and Ukraine

Hanshi Erika. Schneider

Honbu Dojo 29.05.2017

GERMANY 18.12.2016





Istanbul, TURKEY


15:00 - 18:00  Free Entry

Hasan Doğan

Spor Kompleksi


Kocasinan Merkez Mah.

Kemal Sunal Cad. No.121



Your Sincerely

Honbu Dojo 18.12.2016

GREECE 17.03.2017


Dear Sir or Madam,

International Kyokushindo Committee has decided:

The International Committee appoints Sensei Apostolos Pliatsikas, the new Dojo Operator of the Kyokushindo branch office in Greece.

Congratulations and good luck!

Honbu Dojo 12.03.2017

SRI LANKA 23 - 27-02.2017


Kancho Hagen Behboudi

Welcome to Sri Lanka

23 - 27.02.2017

Honbu Dojo 03.02.2017

 TURKEY 04.12.2016


Dear Madam or Sir,

International Kyokushindo Committee has decided:

The International Committee appoints Senpai Husam Altun Kaya the new Branch Chief of Kyokushindo branch in Turkey. Congratulations and good luck!

Honbu Dojo 04.12.2016

GERMANY Duesseldorf 24.10.2016

*NEW**  in  Judofreunde 73 Düsseldorf e.V.

24 October 2016

„Kyokushindo Dojo Duesseldorf“

Montag & Freitag   

18:00 - 19:30  

Jugendliche ab 16 J./ Erwachsene


Turnhalle GGS Pempelfort

Bongardstraße 9,

40479 Düsseldorf

CHILE  25.08.2016

“Chile, the country of the fighters and pirates”

After a very long journey from Germany off to the other end of the world, I got tired in Coquimbo.

My energy was immediately back, as Sensei Zvonimir Camano De Ferrari picked me up and I was welcomed by

His family. I felt so warmly recorded, as if it were my own family. 4 generations together. Something there in

Germany are unfortunately only rarely. The parents of Sensei Zvonimir Camano De Ferrari gave me the feeling

To be a son of the family. Yes, and the best food cooked the grandmother of the family of course. Every meal

Was completed with wonderful wine from Chile. I recommend every wine lover to enjoy wine from Chile.

I would like to say thank you also, Francisco and his wife for their kind invitation. Here too, I could enjoy

Again the good food and good wine from Chile. Now for the sports part of my trip.

The Chileans have a great fighter of heart. I did very hard my students the training and hold of examinations.

I wanted her on their physical (physical) and psychological (mental) limits lead. No matter how hard was the

Training or testing, the Chilean fighting spirit is not to break down. All the fighters have a very good technique.

New techniques have been immediately learned and implemented. Also the judges learned very quickly thus can

Be fought with a high quality. I would particularly mention also Senpai Pedro Morales Campo. He is an excellent

Children and youth coach. Thanks to Joachim I only could get to know all these nice people because of him.

He was always there and has translated, unfortunately I don´t speak Spanish. Joachim has German roots.

Like his first name already shows. He speaks excellent German.

I have called in my 1st seminar in Latin America Sensei Zvonimir Camano De Ferrari head Brand Chief from Chile.

He represented the Organization Kyokushindo very professional, athletic as well as organizationally. Even his

Children represent the Organization Kyokushindo athletic and are role models for children and young people.

Now, I would like to dedicate a few lines the beautiful country Chile. Chile combines the old Europe with Latin

America. The country is proud, old, full of culture and contemporary. People can lead their lives regardless of

Religion and politics. For me, that makes a country and its people

Religion and politics do. For me, that makes rich a country and its people.

I recommend a trip to the port city of Coquimbo to everyone. There it is believed in the middle of filming

"Pirates of the Caribbean" to participate. Great fun for young and old.

I've left a piece of my heart in this country and hope to visit again soon.

I would like to thank to all, whose name I didn't mention. So many nice people I met, that

I can mention them all in this short report.

Thank you for this life experience

Kancho Hagen Behboudi

CHILE 15-24.07.2016


1st Kyokushindo Seminar

in Chile 15-24.07.2016

Kancho Hagen Behboudi &

Sensei Zvonimir Carmona De Ferrari

Youre Sincerely

Honbu Dojo 16.05.2016


Dear Sensei Sajith Lal Muthugala

in this way I would like to thank for your generous invitation to your home country of

Sri Lanka. The hospitality and the beauty of your country has impressed me. The great

trips in your country are memorable. Particularly impressed me the large tea

plantations. The visit to the waterfall with its clear, cold water has again quite near me

  the element of water and made me aware how beautiful and important  water is. In

Germany, the water from the water line comes, and you no longer honors water.

Thank you for this lesson. I would like to express special thanks for visiting Buddha

two times. The Buddhist faith is some true faith which teaches respect for all living

things. He is the only selfless faith which teaches true love. I adore very Buddha. In

this place I felt peace and love and heart prayed. Especially thank you for this moment.

 Now for the sports part of my trip. Thank you very much for the grand opening

ceremony from the vice president of the new Dojo. All athletes have a very good

technique. They learn quickly and they are very intelligent. The temperatures and the

high humidity were my toughest opponent. I have great respect for the athletes to do

sport in such a climate. I am pleased to have a new family of sport and hope that we

will spend many great sporting seminars.

So I remain in great reminders to the much too short time in Sri Lanka.


Yours sincerely Kancho Hagen Behboudi

SRI LANKA 02-06.04.2016


1st Kyokushindo Seminar in Sri Lanka


Kancho Hagen Behboudi &

Sensei Sajith Lal Muthugala

Youre Sincerely

Honbu Dojo 24.03.2016

Sri Lanka 25.01.2016


Welcome, „New Dojo Operator Sri Lanka“

Sensei Sajith Lal Muthugala

Congratulations and good luck!

Honbu Dojo 25.01.2016

CHILE 27.11.2015


Welcome, „New Dojo Operator Chile“

Sensei Zvonimir Carmona De Ferrari

Congratulations and good luck!

Honbu Dojo 27.11.2015

EGYPT 21.08.2015


Dear Madam or Sir,

The International Committee of the World Organisation Kyokushindo has appointed the date of 21.08 2015 Shihan Gamal Abdelrahman Ibrahim as the new Chairman of the International Organization of Kyokushindo Arab Countries. About the duties as president, Shihan Gamal Abdelrahman Ibrahim was elucidated and assumes the position.

Honbu Dojo 21.08.2015

KUWAIT 18.08.2015


Dear Madam or Sir,

International Kyokushindo Committee has decided:

By irreconcilable differences, separates the international Kyokushindo organization of the current Branch Chief and Head of the Arab Kyokushindo organization.

The International Committee appoints Sensei Kyokushindo Ali Fahad Ghuloum the new Branch Chief of Kyokushindo branch in Kuwait. Congratulations and good luck!

Honbu Dojo 18.08.2015

IRAQ 15.08.2015


Dear Madam or Sir,

International Kyokushindo Committee congratulated Sensei Teymur Gökkaya the new graduation. Congratulations Shihan Teymur Gökkaya 5th Dan

Honbu Dojo 15.08.2015

IRAQ 13.08.2015



Iraq kyokushindo championships, organized by Iraqi "Kyokushindo Organization" in Musalla Sports Club on 14 August, 2015.

Iraq kyokushindo championships